MGF Fellowship Groups

MGF Fellowship Groups

MGF Fellowship Groups are smaller groups of men that are formed at local clubs to go a little deeper into the life and faith conversations that are of interest to them. They share stories that encourage, enlighten and challenge. There is no defined direction for a group to grow—we leave that up to the groups themselves. Strong friendships are often developed in these groups. Some groups grow to include golf outings, family gatherings and other social activities.

Representative Fellowship Topics

  • What Does Transition Mean to Us?
  • What is Our Real Purpose?
  • What is Our Real Net Worth?
  • How Do We Handle Compassion, Forgiveness and Love?
  • What is Real Wisdom?
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
  • How Can I Form a Closer Relationship With God?
  • How Can I Be More Effective in Living Out My Faith?

MGF Speaker Discussion Videos

Our MGF speakers’ talks can serve as great discussion content. We’ve created abbreviated versions of many of those talks for that purpose, and developed discussion guides based on speaker themes and comments. While most groups use our discussion videos as the core content for their meetings, we encourage the use of other resources as well and can provide suggestions for same.

How To Get Involved?

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